The Emperor

The Emperor Has No Balls



Art, throughout history, has been used to capture the cultural psyche of a specific time and place. The Emperor Has No Balls reflects America in the summer of 2016. It was a time when the art collective INDECLINE thought protesting Trump’s potential candidacy was a worthwhile cause; a time before policy and rhetoric untethered to fact was normalized; a time before the Republican Party traded its ideals to further its influence.



A group of friends watched the 2016 election together and, like many, felt shocked and later, helpless. In 2017, the group acquired the Seattle copy of The Emperor Has No Balls to support the on-going creation of protest art and to further the conversation about leadership in America.



The Seattle copy of The Emperor Has No Balls will make strategic public appearances and is available for rent in the Pacific NW. All rental profits will be donated to organizations that provide social safety net services defunded by the current administration.

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